• Family Search - The largest collection of genealogical data in the world and is available to everyone.
  • Ancestry - One of the largest commercially run websites for genealogical research.
  • My Heritage - Genealogical website based in Israel that has in depth records from the Middle East.
  • Find My Past - Genealogical website based in the United Kingdom that has in depth records from England.
  • National Archives and Records Administration - Provides a large selection of records from the United States.



  • Family Booklet - If you don't know where to begin, this step by step guide will get you started making your family tree.
  • RootsTech - Information about the annual genealogical conference held in Salt Like City, Utah. Several videos are available on a variety of subjects to help the beginner to advanced researcher.
  • Ultimate Beginners Guide - A comprehensive guide to starting your genealogical research with an emphasis on DNA testing
  • Resource Guide - A good site that provides some history about genealogical research and several helpful tips and link to get your research started.
  • Getting Started - This offers a good list of links to websites that can help you organize you tree and find new sources to gather information from.
Riverton Utah Family Search Center
  • Family Tree - Provides several guides to performing various functions in Family Search.
  • Research - Provides several guides to use several of the premium sites at the Family Search Center and on the internet.
  • Technical - Provides several guides to better share and show your genealogy data.
  • Forms - Provides several forms to use for genealogy research.


  • International Society of Genetic Genealogy - Provides useful information for reasons to take a DNA test and how to use the results in genealogical research.
  • DNA Testing Guides - Compares several different DNA test and explains how each test is performed and the data that is obtained form the tests. Also, has an explanation of how DNA testing works and how the results can be used.
  • Beginners Guide to Genetic Genealogy - Provides lessons on how DNA testing works from basic to advanced topics.
  • KnowYourDNA - Provides information on how DNA results can help with health and ancestry issues.