• Family Search – The largest collection of genealogical data in the world and is available to everyone.
  • Ancestry – One of the largest commercially run websites for genealogical research.
  • My Heritage – Genealogical website based in Israel that has in depth records from the Middle East.
  • Find My Past – Genealogical website based in the United Kingdom that has in depth records from England.
  • National Archives and Records Administration – Provides a large selection of records from the United States.



  • Family Booklet – If you don’t know where to begin, this step by step guide will get you started making your family tree.
  • RootsTech – Information about the annual genealogical conference held in Salt Like City, Utah. Several videos are available on a variety of subjects to help the beginner to advanced researcher.
  • Resource Guide – A good site that provides some history about genealogical research and several helpful tips and link to get your research started.
  • Getting Started – This offers a good list of links to websites that can help you organize you tree and find new sources to gather information from.